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Agile & Entrepreneurial – Designing better by Doing better.

The Pumping Heart:

A living opportunity. Your product might be a ‘product’, it might be a startup, it might be personal or group growth. Here’s the pattern: Your outfit needs to develop stuff in close contact with real users to ensure that its doing the right stuff right. Faster is better. It wants to develop the most important stuff first. It needs to get a minimally useful version of your product in use, and getting feedback, ASAP. It swarms the product development as much as possible, people do things together and at the same time, learning together, and shortening the development time. Collaborative. The product is developed. Grown in close contact with a user group. Who are evaluating, testing, suggesting, and buying – improving the whole process. Serendipity by design. You get what you need instead of what you want, in the learning doing, and you appreciate that.

An agile development team, in a start-up or otherwise, takes a basic product vision and does the ‘first most important’ bits first. In small fast cycles, say a week long. Best face-to-face in a common team room. It shows the results to the client at the end of the cycle. The team takes client feedback as learnings and adjustments, while it does the next week’s ‘first most important’ stuff. The program develops a spiral learning-by-doing cycle. Passion thrives where we delight people fast.

A natural pattern

A natural team just gets in there and does the job. Ants swarm things. In comparison, the average human “team” isn’t, it’s just a group. All too often the group works like a logical factory instead of a team. Person A hands his finished bit to person B who does her bit, and hands the results to person C, who finds problems and ignores them because arguments happen when bits are handed back. Human teams that focus, preferably in a common team room, learn about themselves and their workings and mesh. They form a web of interactions among themselves and their workings. A kind of community. They can create things faster, better, and cheaper. Often by simply not doing some things proven unnecessary, linked to learning more effectively as they go.

Personal success

You have a personal development need, say leadership, public speaking, maintaining buoyant optimism, or you need to be able to handle crises. Whatever. We look for the first most important part, and work on it together. We have apt materials for each of these at hand. We do a bit, test it against reality, learn, review, and do more. A rich journey. Most learnings are best repeated many times, learning good habits. It’s better, actually faster and more effective, to skillfully read a book fast some times than to slowly trundle through it once. We follow that habit and success forming pattern. It grows patina into community. All the examples share a success pattern that we can follow.

Design Thinking

It’s really an almost accidental Design Thinking while Doing pattern.

I want to engage with a blend of interesting people and situations. I want situations where it’s clear that I will help you. Where we enjoy the journey and it’s going somewhere. I like helping people, and making things go.

Areas where we might mesh might be:

  • Many times people have contacted me, verified opportunities, and gone from there.
  • Where you need to grow new – outside some box, way, or habit, and you see no way now.
  • You’ve started and need to be more agile – entrepreneurial to cope with changing reality.
  • Change and complexity are eating you. You need to ride the waves of change instead of being clobbered by them.
  • Cultural stuff. Cultural diversity colours the whole picture, or not if you’re dominant and oblivious. People think learning ‘the language’ does the job – nope.
  • Browse here on the website, especially the Catalogue – Resources. Look at Buoyancy – Optimism, Handling new opportunities – Crisis, Leadership, Teams, and so on.

A Timeless Gift with a Personal Touch

boros-selectThe remarkable atmosphere the season brings is unmistakable, along with the spirit of giving that makes it even more exciting. The only thing is, searching for the best gift is no easy task for someone really special to you. Whether he or she is the love of your life, your best friend, mom, dad, grandpa or grandma, brother or sister, you’ve just got to find the perfect present to show how much you feel and appreciate them. Your efforts in finding one will surely be more than worth it with their heartfelt smile!

But what exactly is it they would really love? What could be more thoughtful and sweeter than beautiful, fragrant flowers and chocolates? Is there really a gift that can express just how much that dear person means to you? If you find yourself still seeking for the best present yet, then your search ends here. Engraved gifts for Christmas are timeless novelties, one that never goes out of style, never fades, and never forgotten!

Truth is, anything ordinary can be made extra special by having it personalized. Shirts, caps, coffee mugs, bags, towels, pens, and just about anything you can think of can be customized with printing, stamps, or embroidery. For lovers, the most popular gifts are couple shirts, puzzle piece novelties, matching jewelry, but nothing else can create the strongest connection between you other than lovelocks!

Engraving is the best option that instantly bestows any item with a sentimental value and makes it unique, and the only one in the world! Your names can be scribbled on a padlock, a clock, or on a box of wine or champagne. They can be laden with your recipient’s favorite quote, memorable date, source of inspiration, captured moments, significant milestone, and whatever it is they care about and treasure most. GoEngrave can have your beautiful message immortalized where the meaningful words can never be erased, such as the memories you will be creating by giving Engraved gifts for Christmas.

Are dental implants safe in MRI exams?

As dental implants increasingly become popular, most patients considering the procedure ask if it’s safe to have an MRI exam once they have it. Here are the main issues to consider and the associations between the dental implant procedure and the MRI scan.


Dental Implants and MRI

Magnetic retention proves to be highly functional and beneficial in the field of dentistry. Technology and rare magnets combined are now commonly infused in prosthetic dentistry and orthodontics, addressing malocclusions, being utilized in removable partial dentures, maxillofacial prosthesis, and overdentures. Magnets are fundamental in dental implants to hold everything in its rightful place. However, any metal-containing implant presents potential contraindications for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, a process which involves the use of powerful magnets.

Common Issues

The primary concern is that the magnetic field can have adverse reactions to ferrous metals such as iron and steel, which can heat up or move during the procedure. It may lead to the loss of magnetic hold to keep the tooth in place and ultimately dislodge it, damage, or require to be replaced. Some may even have the thought at the back of their minds of possibly being repelled or attracted to the machine!

There’s no reason to worry for there will be no problems to encounter if the procedure is performed and delicately handled by one of the best dentists. A good dental implant would be typically made of titanium alloy, including cover screws and healing abutments. The ideal outcome would have the tooth securely anchored around the tissues to blend perfectly just like natural teeth. In terms of the quality of the scan itself, studies show that the image produced from individuals who had dental implants did not obstruct the MRI image quality, rather was able to yield a fairly satisfactory result.

Are dental implants safe in MRI exams?

Your safety is still the best interest of passionate dentists and doctors, so don’t hesitate to talk to your trusted dentist. You will be guided on the most appropriate type of dental implant, one that is not electrically active and crafted from non-ferromagnetic materials that are not sensitive to magnetic force. Hence, it would be safe for patients to undergo an MRI exam soon after having the procedure. It’s always recommended to let the MRI personnel to know the you do have a dental implant and make certain that it is compatible, for your peace of mind as well.

The Best Gift You Cannot Simply Overlook

LondonThe most wonderful time of the year never fails to make people wonder what on earth is the best gift to give for Christmas. Now why exactly is finding the ideal present always a big challenge? There are far too many choices, limited budgets, tons of Christmas gift ideas brainstorming to do, or no time for long lines at gift shops with an incredibly busy schedule. Sometimes, the person dear to you has just about anything, and can buy almost everything you can come up with!

Well, everyone loves receiving any kind of gift, but it’s not surprising how one can easily forget. Either it gets put away never to be used again, or the person finds it difficult to remember who actually gave the gift to him or her. What can possibly leave a lasting impression, maybe apart from a cruise on a yacht, a huge sparkling diamond, or the latest Ferrari?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive and can even be typical presents including mugs, pens, planners, calendars, shirts, picture frames, or key chains. Though all too common Christmas gift ideas, people still appreciate them for their practicality which somehow makes them smile whenever they use it. Do you know what’s fascinating? The best gift you can ever give that will be appreciated more than you’ll ever know, actually lies on something that’s really common and often overlooked. A padlock.

Yes, a mere small mechanism designed to protect extremely valuable items and keep it safe from harm. Something ordinary turned extraordinary by Forever Love Locks and transformed into the best of all Christmas gift ideas you can think of! This priceless gift is no other than a padlock that’s made unique and unforgettable, engraved with your names or short message, then wrapped with nothing else but your thoughtfulness and love. A lovelock is guaranteed to melt hearts with cozy warmth as fiery as the fireplace during the holidays, and make your loved one feel truly loved any time of the year!